This game is no longer available because the "Flash" plugin no longer exists. :(

Genocide Monkey (2005)

!This is old - my newest game is Swarm Queen!
A floating monkey on a cloud destroys islands for some reason. This was my idea of a "puzzle game". (I do not play puzzle games.)

It was a terrible idea, makes no sense, and isn't fun. (Play Swarm Queen instead.)


[Arrows] Move around.

[SHIFT] Use OCEAN gem.
[Spacebar] Use FIRE gem.

[End] Quits straight back to the main menu.

Collect gems to destroy islands. Avoid meteors and birds.

Sand islands are immune to fire, and mountains are immune to ocean.

Nothing is immune to volcanoes.

The monkey can't swim. Don't touch the water.
(Is this really a needed game mechanic? Nope.)

Production Notes: I don't even know. I just don't know.