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MeFlyborg.net is a collection of independent games and movies by some random guy named Helmi Bastami. (It rhymes with "sell me pastrami")

I live on the surface of a big rock flying through space. The whole deal is a bit weird.

Contact: Ritualistic Sacrifice

Between the hours of midnight and 1am on a Thursday morning in which you expect it to rain, stare into the full moon (it must be full) for precisely 3 seconds. When nothing happens, proceed to sacrifice a roll of duct-tape to your favourite deity (either Poseidon or Zeus). I should receive your message in three to four thousand years, although I will not read it, because if you use this method, you're clearly quite insane.

Contact: E-mail

Note: If you copy-and-paste this address, it will come out backwards. (To confuse robots.
Those things are sneaky. No, really.)

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I put [a game or movie] on my website?
A: Yes - all games and movies from Flyborg.net may be placed on your own website, as long as they are made available free of charge, and not altered. If you could credit Flyborg.net as the source, that would be swell too!

Q: What's the music from [a game or movie]?
A: Music is always listed in the credits within any game or movie, and on YouTube, in the description box under the movie.

Q: What program do you use to make your movies/games?
A: The program "Flash" is used to make all movies and games on this site. I also use Photoshop, Audition, and Goldwave. To convert Flash movies into videos, I use the free program Swivel from Newgrounds, which seems to be the best converter (by far). If I want to add effects, I'll use After Effects instead. (There are free versions, demos, and other alternatives to all of these programs.)

Q: Do you want some ideas for games/movies?
A: I make movies and games because I have ideas that I wish to manifest, and movies and games are the best way to manifest my ideas. I start with the idea, and use movies and games to manifest the idea. If I didn't have my own ideas, I'd be working for some company instead of for myself! I have more ideas than I could create in a lifetime, so I must respectfully decline all ideas/plots/etc.

Q: Where are you?
A: The small tropical island of Canada, located just below the US.*

*This is only true if you hold your globe upside down, and have a unique definition of "small", "tropical", and "island".

Q: Do u want lief insurance frum sum guy on teh internet? How bout biggr-3rectus? im also teh president of Nigeria and want to giv u monee 4 no reazon. u want??
A: Yes, of course. I get asked these things all the time, and I always respond with my credit card number, home address, and my one secret weakness.

Q: What's with the angry bunnies?
A: They were inspired by my own angry bunny, who was both angry and a bunny.