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OTHER: I dunno. Google it.

If you're trying to play this on a phone, you probably can't.

Bunny VS World (2005)

!This is old - my newest game is Swarm Queen!
An emotionless ninja rabbit with a katana must save his empire from the Nazi rodent uprising.


[UP] Jump
[DOWN] Divebomb attack, from mid-air only.
You can "cancel" an attack by pressing up.

The 2nd alien level is pretty hard. (sorry)
Some of the bosses are hard too. Here's a video me beating them.

Coins are practically useless, and some are positoined over pits - just to be mean.

Production Notes: This was my first attempt at a sidescroller.

I planned out a huge sequal to this with the title "Bunny Quest", and I have at least 100 pages of notes. But I didn't have time to work on it when I started, so it's been on "hiatus" since then.