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OTHER: I dunno. Google it.

If you're trying to play this on a phone, you probably can't.

Conan O'brien the Barbarian

!This is old - my newest game is Swarm Queen!
Conan O'brien the Barbarian whacks things with his giant head.
Really, that's all he does for the entire game. (Sorry.)


[LEFT/RIGHT ARROWS] Walk around.
[SPACE BAR] Headbutt. (Even in mid-air.)
[DOWN ARROW] Duck. (Makes you invincible. Even in mid-air.)
Ducking stops your movement, so don't do it over a pit.
[right click] optins / quit / skip levels

Production Notes: This is less of a game, and more of a joke that goes on too long.
I thought of this at 4am and proceeded to create this "game" during my first week of College. (there wasn't a lot to do yet)