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OTHER: I dunno. Google it.

If you're trying to play this on a phone, you probably can't.

Swarm Queen

Swarm Queen is a challenging single-player strategy game about hideous insectoid aliens trying to murder each other.

Each of your minions has its own AI, controlling its behavior on the pseudo-3D battlefield. Mutate your eggs, spawn your swarm, spit some goop, and watch the chaos of battle!

CONTROLS: Controls are enabled during the first few levels. You can always press [SPACEBAR] to speed up the game or progress dialogue, or [ESC] to pause the game and view level details.

PREMIUM VERSION: This is the free online version of Swarm Queen. The premium version is available on Steam, with some additional features, including:

  • Custom screen size and full-screen mode.
  • Higher-quality art, sounds, and music.
  • Reliable save files (save to your PC and to the Steam cloud, instead of using cookies that your browser may delete randomly.)
  • +3 bonus challenge levels.
  • Unlock a hat! :o

Production Notes: Swarm Queen was created over a period of about 4 years; when I started, Flash was still a big thing, and by the time I was done, it was being phased out. This is both my first full game with a premium paid version, and my last Flash game. The coding language that I learned during production (Actionscript 3) is immediately out of date, but luckily, it has the same basic principles as more relevant languages.

ASSETS for Webmasters / Press / YouTubers / etc:
  • For YouTubers, press, or anyone who needs screenshots / art assets: [] (16mb)
  • For webmasters who want to put Swarm Queen on their site: [] (9mb - includes thumbnails)